Here's a list of workspaces available on the NHS CPE Portal.

If you would like to join a workspace, please use the link on the right to contact the people in charge of that workspace via email.

Workspace Name

Description of Workspace

Contact Manager

Procurement Members Area


Workplace for NHS procurement community feat. Procurement templates + updates on efficiency program

Clinical Procurement Specialist Network Workspace


This site is for clinicians working in procurement and procurement staff who have specific clinical category responsibility and is used as a networking, collaboration and library for the clinical procurement specialist network.

Access to the site is managed through a CPSN application process – This will be  sent to you by contacting the workspace manager

East of England Tissue Viability Network


Workspace for networking between Tissue Viability & other specialist practitioners, discussions & knowledge exchange

Mental Health Trusts


Workspace for NHS procurement staff from mental health trusts