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Welcome to the NHS CPE Portal

Welcome to the NHS CPE Portal - an online resource to help you communicate and share information in a professional and collaborative online environment.

The NHS CPE Portal is the name of the overarching portal, which within contains different workspaces.

Each workspace contains information related to a strand of work led or sponsored by the Department of Health.

Each workspace has the same capabilities and functionality, and can be configured to include resources to be downloaded, templates, forums and a platform for its members to share information.

Each workspace is run by its own workspace manager who is responsible for the administration of the workspace and issuing invites to new members.

What workspaces are available? / How do I join?

Currently there are 4 workspaces available on different topics. If you'd like to join a CPE Workspace, please use this link to view the list of workspaces and how to request membership.



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